Age Group : 6 – 7
12 Sessions | 2 Per week

Starting Date

June 22nd

Skills Focus

Scientific inquiry, Logical reasoning, Keen observation

Why Learn Experimentation?

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious." -Stephen Hawking
Why is the Earth round and not square? Why do roots grow under the ground and not on top? How does salt disappear in water? Why does milk curdle? Our minds are filled with infinite questions; as we observe more, more questions crowd our minds.A scientific enquirer channelises this curiosity into action to explore and discover the world around them. As we learn more about the world around us, we understand how unique we are as a specious and how things we often take for granted have deep hidden meaning!

Program Description

Time to experiment! As a Scientist we will learn to be curious about scientific phenomena around us. We will get an opportunity to listen, observe, hypothesise, experiment and record their findings. We will carry out experiments and explore the science behind it. We aim to cover a broad range of scientific fields such as biology, physics and chemistry through exploratory play,experimentation, discovery, research and innovation!

Program Objectives

In this program, you will conduct experiments by understanding and applying the 5 steps of the scientific methodology:

  • Observe: Making an observation by using your sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch.
  • Hypothesise: Thinking out loud and create a hypothesis using phrases like:
    a. “What will happen if?”
    b. How did this happen?
    c. Why did this happen ?
  • Experiment: Conducting an experiment to find out if the thought/idea about your topic was right or wrong
  • Document: Documenting your experiment by drawing or writing
  • Share: Presenting your work to your peers

Program Projects

  • Play and explore air resistance.
  • Test and Infer if Fizzy drinks are good you
  • Design the replica of a hand
  • Explore the science behind music
  • Extract natural dyes and separate the colours
  • Create your own (almost) indestructible bubbles

Weekly Program Breakdown

Overall Role Map

  • Scientist, 12 sessions across 6 weeks (Current Program)
  • Discoverer (12 sessions across 6 weeks)
  • Researcher (12 sessions across 6 weeks)
  • Inventor (12 sessions across 6 weeks)

Learning Experience

Learner Portfolio

Mohd. Faiz, the Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, Faiz empathized with the customer’s needs first then he brainstormed and iterated to find the best possible solution to the problem that his customers were facing. As the next step, he put together an execution plan. Watch Faiz present his idea to his fellow Entrepreneur classmates and to an actual real life Entrepreneur.

Lachelle, the Author

Author of ‘The Ruby of Eternal Power’. Uable’s author program has helped unlock Lachelle’s creativity and imagination. In “The Ruby of Eternal Power”, she paints a picture and draws the reader in with her wonderful words.

Tanishk, the Astronomer

Check out Tanishk’s uber cool Space Suit! His eye for detail and use of vibrant colors will definitely make an astronaut’s next space adventure safe as well as cheerful. As an astronomer, Tanishk has explored new aspects of space and the planetary systems, and also learnt about the various reasons why we need to explore our universe deeply. The further exploration of space and exp-planets has given him a deeper respect for our own planet Earth!

Arjun, the Architect

Check out Arjun’s architectural wonder! While all of us are stuck at home due to the COVID-19 lockdown, our Uabler’s have been building worlds of their own. Arjun built his spatial awareness skills and gave significant thought to his 3D city space.