Age Group : 6-7
12 Sessions | 2 Per week

Starting Date

June 29th

Skills Focus

Logical reasoning, Communication, Listening

Why learn to communicate effectively?

“Everything we say signifies; everything counts, that we put out into the world. It impacts on kids, it impacts on the zeitgeist of the time."- Meryl Streep
Communicating effectively is the most sought after skill in todays's world. We have a torrent of thoughts and ideas running in our mind. However we fail to channelise and express it in the right way. Be it a shy child who is anxious to talk or a talkative child who needs to organise his thoughts better! Every child needs to master the skill of speaking confidently and listening intently. Communicating effectively instills confidence, boosts self esteem and helps us channelise and express our thoughts in the best way possible.

Program Description

Lights! Camera! Action! Let's act and direct!
Get into character and express yourself using different emotions, tones, costumes and body language! Understand what it takes to deliver a good performance on stage or on camera. Perform a short virtual play using all the skills learnt. Ideate and direct your own puppet show by working on the “4 C's" of storytelling: character, conflict, context, and craft.Use puppets and other objects around you as characters in your story and write dialogues between them. Plan their entry and exit and create some drama!

Program Objectives

  • Modulate tones and voices to showcase different emotions and communicate effectively.
  • Practice various acting techniques to express effectively
  • Ideate and perform spontaneously
  • Build confidence and enhance your presentation skills
  • Work collaboratively with peers and perform a play
  • Ideate and create a puppet character and setting
  • Design plot for the puppet show
  • Plan a twist in the plot
  • Plan and execute transition and special effects
  • Rehearse and record your puppet show!

Program Projects

  • Recording a monologue
  • Making props and designing costumes
  • Eat your lunch or dinner by getting into character assigned to you..Ex: Spiderman, Wonder Woman etc
  • Setting up a stage
  • Virtual play performance
  • Observe and imitate your family members or a friend &record the same.

Weekly Program Breakdown

Overall Role Map

  • Performer, 12 sessions across 6 weeks (Current Program)
  • Reporter, 12 sessions across 6 weeks
  • Advertiser, 12 sessions across 6 weeks
  • Vlogger, 12 sessions across 6 weeks

Learner Portfolio

Mohd. Faiz, the Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, Faiz empathized with the customer’s needs first then he brainstormed and iterated to find the best possible solution to the problem that his customers were facing. As the next step, he put together an execution plan. Watch Faiz present his idea to his fellow Entrepreneur classmates and to an actual real life Entrepreneur.

Lachelle, the Author

Author of ‘The Ruby of Eternal Power’. Uable’s author program has helped unlock Lachelle’s creativity and imagination. In “The Ruby of Eternal Power”, she paints a picture and draws the reader in with her wonderful words.

Tanishk, the Astronomer

Check out Tanishk’s uber cool Space Suit! His eye for detail and use of vibrant colors will definitely make an astronaut’s next space adventure safe as well as cheerful. As an astronomer, Tanishk has explored new aspects of space and the planetary systems, and also learnt about the various reasons why we need to explore our universe deeply. The further exploration of space and exp-planets has given him a deeper respect for our own planet Earth!

Arjun, the Architect

Check out Arjun’s architectural wonder! While all of us are stuck at home due to the COVID-19 lockdown, our Uabler’s have been building worlds of their own. Arjun built his spatial awareness skills and gave significant thought to his 3D city space.