Age Group : 8-9
12 Sessions | 2 Per week

Starting Date

July 13th

Skills Focus

Logical reasoning, Analytical thinking, Making connections

Why Learn Coding?

“Everybody in the country should learn to program a computer , because it teaches you how to think." – Steve Jobs
Technology is weaved into the fabric of our society, from medicine to space it is everywhere. With the exposure to technology children need to be made aware of the opportunities and use them to grow as better humans. Through this program children build on how to logically break down a problem through algorithms, analyse a code to make efficient solutions. They use their creativity to think outside the box and come up with application programs for the ideas and problems that they see around them,

Program Description

You would have picked up a device, just a made a few clicks,pressed a few buttons and watched a video or listened to a song and maybe played a game. If you have ever wondered how you can explore the world through a device then it’s time to create something of your own to share with the world. Throughout this course you will explore the problem solving process and create algorithms and flowcharts to logically solve a problem. You will be introduced to different ways to give instructions to a computer and use these instruction to identify and create your own project at the end of the program.

Program Objectives

  • Learn to comprehend and describe steps to any process.
  • Describe a process to build something from scratch.
  • Understand the various components of a flowchart
  • Create Flowcharts for a given process
  • Properly sequence a block based program code
  • Identify bugs in a given code
  • Learn to optimise code using loops
  • Understand the etiquette of coding.

Program Projects

  • Create the process of making a shirt from its raw materials and describe the steps.
  • Read a recipe and write down the steps as an algorithm and draw a flowchart.
  • Build a Product Flow for your website
  • Create artwork using block based coding
  • Create an animated story by using your own artwork

Weekly Program Breakdown

Overall Role Map

  • Process Thinker, 12 Sessions | 2 Per week (Current Program)
  • Code Builder, 12 Sessions | 2 Per week
  • Computer Scientist, 12 Sessions | 2 Per week
  • Problem Solver, 12 Sessions | 2 Per week

Learning Experience

Learner Portfolio

Mohd. Faiz, the Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, Faiz empathized with the customer’s needs first then he brainstormed and iterated to find the best possible solution to the problem that his customers were facing. As the next step, he put together an execution plan. Watch Faiz present his idea to his fellow Entrepreneur classmates and to an actual real life Entrepreneur.

Lachelle, the Author

Author of ‘The Ruby of Eternal Power’. Uable’s author program has helped unlock Lachelle’s creativity and imagination. In “The Ruby of Eternal Power”, she paints a picture and draws the reader in with her wonderful words.

Tanishk, the Astronomer

Check out Tanishk’s uber cool Space Suit! His eye for detail and use of vibrant colors will definitely make an astronaut’s next space adventure safe as well as cheerful. As an astronomer, Tanishk has explored new aspects of space and the planetary systems, and also learnt about the various reasons why we need to explore our universe deeply. The further exploration of space and exp-planets has given him a deeper respect for our own planet Earth!

Arjun, the Architect

Check out Arjun’s architectural wonder! While all of us are stuck at home due to the COVID-19 lockdown, our Uabler’s have been building worlds of their own. Arjun built his spatial awareness skills and gave significant thought to his 3D city space.