About Uable

What is Uable?

What are future-ready skills and why are they important?

Why is a role-play based approach important?

Uable Programs

What are the different programs that my child can choose from?

What is the duration of a Uable program?

How do you enable hands-on learning on Uable?

How are you assessing children?

Who are your facilitators?

How do I check on my child's progress?

About Uable Live Sessions

How is a Uable session conducted?

How long is a Uable session?

Are there any one-on-one or offline sessions available?

What are the minimum tech requirements for a Uable session?

Absenteeism, Pricing, Safety, and Refund

What if my child misses or is absent for a Uable Session?

Can I pause my ongoing Uable sessions for a week and rejoin?

What is the cost of these programs?

How can I get in touch with team Uable?

What are the safety measures ensured by Uable for my child?

How can I get in touch with team Uable?

What is Uable's refund policy?

How do I refer my friends & family to join Uable?

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