Age Group : 10-12
12 Sessions | 2 Per week

Starting Date

July 13th

Skills Focus

Observation, Analytical thinking, Problem solving

Why Learn Investigation?

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the
problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.”― Albert Einstein

Great problem solvers use a combination of intuition and logic to come up with their solutions. Investigative thinking is thus the ability to solve a problem, systematically. Whether you are a logical or an out of the box thinker, developing the investigative mindset to solve a problem systematically will help you make the right decisions to arrive at the best solution. In the shoes of a detective, you will develop a keen sense of observation, inquiry and critical thinking skills by way of solving an array of intriguing problems.

Program Description

Do you love solving mysteries? Then, it is time to don your thinking hat! Through this program, you will be taken through an immersive journey on being an detective. By the process of solving a diverse range of simulated cases, we will explore and understand key investigative skills like keen observation, questioning, gathering and verifying evidences, forming hypothesis, supporting their position and documenting among others. This program will help you sharpen your critical thinking and lateral thinking skills to build a solid foundation for other specialisations that will come up in the future in this field.

Program Objectives

  • Gather, verify and present evidences
  • Decode ciphers and evidences
  • Form connections between suspects and evidences presented
  • Form hypotheses based on information and evidence
  • Create and present hypotheses to peer group/jury
  • Sketch a detailed suspect identity profile
  • Create a detailed character profile
  • Examine eyewitness testimonies
  • Conduct an eyewitness interview and suspect interrogation
  • Present case summary (digital mind maps)

Program Projects

  • Sketch of a suspect's profile
  • Create a detailed character profile
  • Present case summaries (digital)
  • Create own mystery story

Weekly Program Breakdown

Overall Role Map

  • Detective, 12 Sessions | 2 Per week (Current Program)
  • Cryptologist, 12 Sessions | 2 Per week
  • Forensic Investigator, 12 Sessions | 2 Per week
  • Criminologist, 12 Sessions | 2 Per week

Learning Experience

Learner Portfolio

Mohd. Faiz, the Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, Faiz empathized with the customer’s needs first then he brainstormed and iterated to find the best possible solution to the problem that his customers were facing. As the next step, he put together an execution plan. Watch Faiz present his idea to his fellow Entrepreneur classmates and to an actual real life Entrepreneur.

Lachelle, the Author

Author of ‘The Ruby of Eternal Power’. Uable’s author program has helped unlock Lachelle’s creativity and imagination. In “The Ruby of Eternal Power”, she paints a picture and draws the reader in with her wonderful words.

Tanishk, the Astronomer

Check out Tanishk’s uber cool Space Suit! His eye for detail and use of vibrant colors will definitely make an astronaut’s next space adventure safe as well as cheerful. As an astronomer, Tanishk has explored new aspects of space and the planetary systems, and also learnt about the various reasons why we need to explore our universe deeply. The further exploration of space and exp-planets has given him a deeper respect for our own planet Earth!

Arjun, the Architect

Check out Arjun’s architectural wonder! While all of us are stuck at home due to the COVID-19 lockdown, our Uabler’s have been building worlds of their own. Arjun built his spatial awareness skills and gave significant thought to his 3D city space.