Community Guidelines
Uable is a place for all learners to thrive as well as feel safe, respected and welcome.
Our team of moderators review every single piece of content before it is published, but we need your help as well!
Here are a few guidelines to help you keep Uable a friendly and creative community:
  • Be original:

    Share content that’s created by you and credit the original source in case you’re curating references. Plagiarising others’ work is not cool. When sharing content by others, be sure to have permission to share it on this Platform and give them the due credit for the same.
  • Be relevant:

    Whatever you share should be relevant to the topic in question. Do not spam or post incorrect, inappropriate, or irrelevant content.
  • Be respectful:

    When sharing content remember that many younger learners will also be looking at them. Be mindful and share content that’s appropriate for all age groups, user groups, and their corresponding beliefs and preferences.
  • Be safe:

    Keep your personal info private. For safety reasons, don't share any information or details with other users that can be traced back to your digital identity. This includes last names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, links to social media sites or websites. Also, don’t ask for personal information of other users.
  • Be honest:

    Don’t try to impersonate other users, spread rumors, or try to trick the community.
  • Be an awesome digital citizen:

    Help keep the app safe and relevant for everyone. If you think any content or user is mean, insulting, gore, or inappropriate, report or flag it to us so we can review and take the appropriate action.
We are here to help each other learn, grow, and have fun together. Uable is a Platform for teens to express themselves freely here. And to uphold this freedom, we are also committed to keeping this community a safe space. If any user violates the guidelines, we will take a number of steps, including issuing a warning, removing the content (including reported messages), or suspending the accounts responsible. Let’s keep our community creative and welcoming for everyone!
Uable Clubs & Moderator Guidelines
  • Moderating the Community:

    The moderators are the people that our Users look to, not just for enforcement of rules and policies and maintaining the peace, but also as role models for what behavior is appropriate for the Platform. The Users are moderated on a ‘post moderation’ basis which shall mean that moderation takes place on the live community after the content has been added including but not limited to dialogues, post and creation of User profiles.
  • User Complaints

    When a User raises a complaint about the community or any other User it is the Moderator’s responsibility to handle the complaint in a professional manner. This is for their own protection, as well as to protect our Platform. Moderator may at its own discretion remove the User from the Community or flag the User if required. Complaints can be at times petty, abusive, exaggerated, or in some cases, completely false. Regardless of the above mentioned situations, it is important to resist the temptation to argue or refute the complaint. Uable shall take appropriate action against all complaints raised by the User.
  • Resolving Conflicts

    It is the Moderator’s role to monitor any conflicting situation and step in if necessary. Moderators should emphasise managing the problems, including addressing unhealthy behavior that may not directly break a rule. It is appropriate to moderate individuals who are deliberately crossing the line to see what they can get away with, however, what moderators should follow is that the rules are not infallible, and moderators should use their judgment to enforce rules only when it makes sense, and not blindly following the letter of the law. A Moderator should intervene if a User resorts to personally insulting another User, using language that breaches the Terms of Use, or posts anything that a reasonable individual would consider offensive, abusive or hate speech. As the first course of action, the Moderator should remove the offensive content, by flagging the particular content. Appropriate warnings or infractions may be necessary if there was a breach.
  • Flagging and removing content

    • All Users have the ability to report the content that they feel is inappropriate and are encouraged to do so. Content shall be removed from the community only when Uable removes the reported content.
    • Moderators shall flag the content if it is SPAM or malicious or is likely to cause offence to the extent that they feel immediate removal is necessary.
    • Club members/Users shall be informed at all times if their content or parts of their content have been removed or replaced or they are muted.
  • Removing individuals

    • Moderators have the ability to remove particular Users from the community.
    • However, moderators shall make use of this power only if it is necessary such as in cases of extreme or repeated contraventions of the Terms of Service and Terms of Use.
    • The purpose of granting this power is to allow all Users to understand the consequences of their behavior and rectify it in the future. Further, this means that Users that are clearly acting in bad faith on the Platform may not be afforded the same leniency and should be muted or banned depending on the circumstances.
  • Communicating with Community Members

    • The Moderator can directly communicate with the Users and request that they remove/edit their content.
    • Moderators should only communicate directly with community members regarding moderation issues if they feel completely comfortable in doing so.
    • Moderators should be considerate of the User’s feeling while communicating any issue.
    • Moderators have overall responsibility for the community and all of its Users and issues related to moderation.
  • Moderator tone

    • Moderator’s tone in all communications with the Users should be professional, confident, polite, fair, helpful, non-accusatory and objective.
    • Moderators should consider whether it is appropriate to communicate with the User publicly on the Platform itself or to message them privately. If there is any doubt, or if issues escalate to a point where the Moderators feel uncomfortable, they should take appropriate action themselves.
    • It is important to remember that the role is not just about dealing with inappropriate content or other contraventions but also about providing support and advice and encouraging other Users to get involved.